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Gerald Francis Connor works exclusively in prosecuting the rights of injured workers. Mr. Connor prosecutes workers’ compensation cases in counties all across Illinois including Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, and Winnebago. Mr. Connor is an experienced trial lawyer and excellent legal writer.

A brief review of Mr. Connor’s notable trial recoveries includes the following:

Perfecto Rosales v. Minuteman International 11 WC 33100
Mr. Rosales’s worked light duty for two years before being fired by his employer. Mr. Rosales’s doctor recommended an L5-S1 fusion surgery. The IME doctor hired by the insurance company claimed the injury was only a strain and no surgery was required.
At trial, not only was the fusion surgery awarded, but the Arbitrator ordered that 78 weeks of back TTD benefits be paid to Petitioner because Petitioner could not find another employer to accommodate his light duty restrictions. The attorney for the insurance company hired a private investigator that showed video footage of Mr. Rosales doing various activities at his home which was ultimately disregarded by the Arbitrator.

Dorsey Douglas v. State of Illinois-Department of Corrections 10 WC 041865
Mr. Douglas worked as a Correctional Officer at Statesville prison and was attacked by a prison inmate. The attorney for the insurance company made a “nuisance value” offer and refused to pay any medical bills.
At trial, the Arbitrator awarded twenty times the amount of the insurance attorney’s offer, plus an order stating that all medical bills be paid. The decision was upheld on appeal.

Pastor Cisneros v. Taqueria Rio Grande 13 WC 019024
Mr. Cisneros a lost a finger after twenty minutes on his first day on the job. The insurance attorney claimed that Mr. Cisneros was not an employee because no employment contract existed, no paystubs existed, and no written evidence of employment existed.
At trial, Mr. Connor introduced medical records into evidence supporting Petitioner’s claims that he was an employee. On cross-examination, the employer admitted that he witnessed Petitioner lose his finger but claimed he was “volunteering” to work. The Arbitrator held that Mr. Cisneros was an employee and Ordered the employer to pay the medical bills.

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