No Fee Unless We Recover

Attorney’s fees in workers’ compensation cases are set by law under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. In general, fees will not exceed twenty per cent (20%) of the amount of the award, whether that award is reached by settlement or by an arbitrator’s decision. To illustrate more specific examples of our firm’s fee arrangement policy, we have provided further explanation:

The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello does not collect a fee if the injured worker’s employer or insurance company pays benefits for undisputed periods of temporary total disability (TTD). Similarly, we do not collect a fee for undisputed payment of medical expenses. This policy presumes that the employer or its insurance company voluntarily pays such compensation and/or expenses in the correct amount and in a timely manner. In the event these benefits become disputed, a fee would apply to any benefits recovered on the injured worker’s behalf.

In certain cases, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act imposes specific limits on the fees an attorney may charge. The fee limit may differ from the general twenty per cent where:

  1. the claim involves the death of a worker
  2. the injured worker is totally and permanently disabled from further gainful employment;
  3. Certain specific injuries

The Law Office of Dworkin and Maciariello complies with the Workers’ Compensation Act’s specified limits in all scenarios.

Workers’ compensation claims typically require some litigation expenses. Rather than require our client’s to pay out-of-pocket, Dworkin and Maciariello covers the cost of litigation expense in advance. Such expenses may include the cost of subpoenaing and/or copying medical and hospital records, independent medical evaluations, deposition fees for testimony by treating doctors, and/or other expert witnesses, and court reporting fees. The Law Office of Dworkin and Maciariello covers these costs, if necessary, until the claim is resolved. At the resolution of a claim, these costs are reimbursed to our office as a deduction from the recovery.

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