Victor Cerda

Victor Cerda is known as a Pitbull when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies. Last year alone he settled over $1.4 million on behalf of his clients. He fights hard for workers’ rights because he is drawing from personal experience. As Victor worked his way through school at a manufacturing company he was hit in the face with a forklift, and still has a scar on his forehead, serving as a reminder of the sometimes dangerous conditions the American worker is subjected to. He is not only well educated but was trained to argue in trials on the federal level in Washington DC, making him both passionate and poised.

Although he’s tough on the insurance companies, he cares deeply about his clients. Victor takes the time to listen to his client’s concerns and hustles to meet and exceed his client’s goals. He hates seeing the way big insurance companies try to take advantage of the hard working people of Illinois.

“I push the insurance companies around the way they push around workers. I demand to know the basis for denial, then work to defeat their defense,” Victor said.

Victor utilizes his experience as an investigator of human rights violations in Illinois. During the process of investigating injury claims, he prides himself on his creative approach to strengthen his client’s case, including using social media to find witnesses and issuing court orders to obtain surveillance video that corroborate his client’s claim. He enjoys working closely with his team of senior trial attorneys to make sure he’s considered all angles to an argument during every step of a case. “Being a Workers’ Comp attorney means that I fight for the little guy. Big insurance companies take advantage of the downtrodden laborers who work to make this country great,” Victor said. “My assignment to serve them is an important one.”

Outside of the office Victor is well-rounded in his hobbies. He enjoys an active life-style, including morning runs on the beach and practicing circus acrobatics, gymnastics and German Wheel with his son. When he’s not occupied in athletics, he considers himself a foodie and acts as a food critic and google guide.


Practice Areas

  • Workers’ Compensation


  • J.D., John Marshall Law School
  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Illinois, Evans Scholar

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • Chicago Bar Association
  • WCLA


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