Workers’ Compensation Back Injury Settlements in Illinois

A back injury in the work place, be it in an office or at a construction job site, it can range from relatively mild (sprains) to serious and traumatic (herniated disks), potentially resulting in life-long changes to overall quality of life. At The Law Offices of Dworkin & Maciariello, our highly experienced back injury workers’ compensation lawyers have handled many work related back injuries in Illinois.

Clients often receive insufficient medical treatment, in some cases leading to an incorrect diagnosis. It is imperative that people suffering from work related back injuries receive good medical care to get on a path to the best recovery possible. Insurance companies often limit the type and quantity of care in an effort to keep down costs. Delayed or denied treatment can result in a more complex diagnosis later on, often resulting in required surgery and increased chances of living with chronic pain, and decreased mobility. It is essential to receive proper medical care to facilitate a quick and effective recovery from your back injury. The workers who are a victim of an accident resulting in back injuries are protected by Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Under the law, the claimant is liable to compensation if diagnosed correctly and if the employer is found to be at fault.

You are entitled to financial compensation for all back claims as a result of injury that causes significant permanent pain, time away from work, loss of your job, permanent restrictions, surgery, or other issues. The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello have successfully handled over 1,000 back injury claims. Our Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys provide solutions to obtain maximum compensation for your back injuries.

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