Mailbag: My Friend Had a Workers’ Compensation Claim, Will Mine Have Similar Results?

Posted on April 13th, 2016 by Bradley Dworkin

Dear Brad,

I was speaking to a friend about his workers’ compensation case and I noticed differences between his case and mine. Should my case have similar results?



Dear Robert,

No, every case is different.

In workers’ compensation, no two cases are the same. Several factors go into the anatomy of a workers’ compensation claim including but not limited to: the injured workers’ average weekly wage, time loss from work, outstanding medical bills, history of the accident, time and place of the accident, age of the injured worker, occupation injured worker, future earning capacity, the documentation of the injury in the medical records, medical treatment, injured workers’ prior medical history, job history, AMA rating, expert medical opinions, etc.

Further, in some cases the insurance company accepts the claim and agrees to authorize benefits right away, other cases the insurance company denies the case and we must go to court to fight for the injured worker’s benefits.

Nevertheless, here at Dworkin and Maciariello we strive to obtain the maximum value on all of our cases and obtain the best result possible given the circumstances of each case.

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