Staying Safe During the School Year

Posted on September 1st, 2017 by Bradley Dworkin

Work-related injuries in the classroom are more common than one might think! Teachers are subjected to a myriad of literal and figurative obstacles while attempting to conduct a classroom. As they try to keep hundreds of kids within their school safe and happy, they too need to keep in mind their own safety. If you are a teacher, or you know one, consider these proactive approaches to avoid the most common type of injuries sustained at school: slip and fall.

• Request that students keep their backpacks and belongings out of the aisles and walkways
• If there is a spill, make sure it is cleaned up immediately and a wet floor sign is placed
• Electrical cords, including chargers, should never cross an aisle or walkway
• Loose flooring or carpeting should be reported immediately
• Loose railing on stairways should also be reported immediately
• Overflowing trashcans should be emptied so excess debris do not clutter the floor

Other preventative measures to consider:

• Library books or textbooks should not be stacked high, in case they fall
• Desks that contain metal storage wiring underneath their chairs should be checked for sharp edges or      loose connections
• The same method applies for metal chair legs
• Be aware of doors suddenly opening while walking in the hallway

Abiding by the advice above, plus remaining vigil, is a sure way to have a great academic year! We want to take a moment to thank all the hardworking teachers of Illinois for not only their dedication but their love for our state’s children and the enthusiasm they exhibit each and every day to educate our youth!


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