Three Important Things Workers’ Comp Covers

Posted on October 20th, 2017 by Bradley Dworkin

After an injury at work many employees are left asking themselves one simple question: Am I covered? Below you’ll find the three biggest benefits of Workers’ Compensation. This is not a complete list by any means, but serves as a guide to explain general coverage.


If you are injured on the job and the injury or recovery requires you to miss work, by Illinois law your employer is required to pay 2/3s of your wage while you’re out. This means that if you make $600 a week, and you miss a week of work, your employer is required to pay you about $402.

Medical Costs

Workers’ Comp covers a wide range of medical costs. This includes the costs of taking an ambulance to the hospital, the hospital bills, and ongoing treatment. Ongoing treatment can be anything from medication to help manage long-term pain, to physical therapy. Even if you no longer work for the company where the injury occurred, they may still be responsible for covering your medical bills.

Death Benefits

The circumstances in which death benefits are necessary is certainly a great tragedy. However, in this moment of sorrow, death benefits are useful for the grieving family. Under some Workers’ Comp insurance policies, an employer covers the cost of funeral expenses. This is information you should seek out from your employer. It’s also possible that the policy may cover support payments to the dependents of an employee after their death. Again, not all policies are the same, so it would be wise to know your company’s workers’ comp insurance policy.

One of the common concerns we receive from clients is the fear of seeking out their employer for money after an injury and how it will affect their employment long-term if they decide to sue in order to receive their full benefits. If you do pursue legal action, your employer is not in the crosshairs. The issue is with the insurance company whose job it is to minimize the amount of money they must pay out to an employee, as well as grant the least amount of benefits possible.

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